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Hi, I write under the name Morgana or as the blog name suggests “Just Mum” or is that “Mom”, “Mama”, “Mummy”, “Mommy”? Argh so confusing. Well, as you can tell, I am from the UK and so whilst our blogs are “Mommy Blogs”, I will keep with “Mum”

.its just mum first blog post

Why another blog, why does the world need another blog? Well because despite the title of the blog, I am more than “Just Mum”. I am a hardworking, unpaid mum of 4 children ranging from an almost adult daughter to a young boy of 7. I am also a Carer to one of my children who is Autistic and I am a Home Educating parent. There is a Husband who pitches in but as he has a typical 40 hour a week job, he’s limited to kitchen duties and D.I.Y which I am of course forever grateful.

Still with me? Thank you if you are.
So anyway. Some of my friends think I’m nuts for adding to my workload by blogging but I seriously need something for just me. I love my kids (shouldn’t even have to say that but somehow I feel obligated to because I’m daring to chisel time for myself).

I love the days out, the shared experience. I adore watching them grow. The crunch time came when my older kids were being slightly rude and grumpy as age appropriate and disregarded me by saying “You don’t even have a job!”.

I don’t have a job, no? As I said previously, I am a Carer which already suffers the inconsideration of society. It is actually a job title and a recognised position which is supported for £62 a week. So I do have a “job” that expects me to place at least 37 hours work in to qualify. I place way more but thanks.

Then, whilst I Home Educate through choice now, it was not initially that way. The 4 horsemen would not drag me back to the school system by choice now ( I do have 1 in there but she’s old enough to choose). More on these subjects later but yah, you better believe Home Educating 3 children in 3 different key stages is work.

I have a home to run, laundry to wash, food to cook, bills to organise, cars to run, appointments to make etc and again, definitely feels like work!

What my darling child forgot to realise was the difference between paid and unpaid work. Society has taught these children that a Stay at home Mom is worthless. We’re far from worthless, we oil the cogs of society. We have one of the most important jobs in the world, to raise the next generation. Don’t think that’s a big deal? Look what happens when it’s not done with due care and love!

I was writing years ago. I was even around in the days of websites such as Squidoo and Bubblews…anyone remember those? My head was so packed full of SEO and Algorithms, Google Panda (That one was a killer!). So I figured that was the last time I felt I did something that was myself. That was where I held my dignity and my self-worth, so I am back people.

I hope you enjoy my journey and my writing. I am monkey brained ( Possibly ADHD) and so you will likely wonder how many topics a person would actually have on one blog but I am me and can be no other.

Please drop a message and say hello, it will be welcome.



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