A Date With A Home Educating Blogger

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Every so often we Home Educating bunch like to mingle…Okay, we mingle, a lot.

I’m blogging about this meet up because it was very special. One of the duo of the blog Create Make Bake had a special birthday and as good friends, we were invited to have an evening of food, fun, and company.

Free food. What’s not to love?!

Her birthday was almost a month ago and whilst in the world of blogging, that is a lifetime ago. In the world of Me, it was like 5 days ago and “omg look, more shit I have to get done!” So please forgive me for the delay.

Abbie is adventurous with her cookery and baking and is always pushing herself to try more creations. There were a few new recipes for me to try and I had already warned her that I would blog about them, which I think she secretly hoped I would. Well, with ridiculous delay, here I am, doing so Abbie, so thanks for the food.

Abbie and her little sister will feature in quite a few of my blog posts as we tend to do quite a lot together. We have known each other for numerous years and enjoy much of the same activities. We also appreciate any differences and respect those too, which is refreshing in this day. In fact, as I am writing this on catch up, I already know they will feature in one of my soon to be written, blog posts.

So, we turned up, ready and willing to play games, both the kids and us adults. Eat food and be merry. The kid’s version of that was to play Minecraft, watch Abbie’s Rats and play hide and seek. Ours was going to be Trivial Pursuit after having a blast from the past on a previous occasion. However, that particular event didn’t come to pass as we were busy nattering and entertaining the dogs, or vice versa. No mind, we’ll have plenty of opportunities to do so. I’ve been a bit mean and whilst their version of Trivial Pursuit suits my friend’s age group slightly better, I had purchased a slightly younger version. Although far from the modern ones currently around.

We did get around to opening the box from the Trivial Pursuit though and whilst the original board is there, I was unhappy to realise there was no box for the cards. I feel that could be made clear on the sale page. I’ll review that separately.

On the table, Abbie had made some unique recipes, such as fudge brownies. These were unique because even the fudge pieces were handmade and that added a decadence to the brownies. Homemade sausage rolls made with filo pastry and a special filling. We all agreed they were better warmer and the filo pastry was better off being replaced by puff pastry but Abbie takes constructive feedback well when offered in a friendly and respectful manner.

Abbie stole the show with some moreish Bacon and Cheese Roly Polys. Homemade pastry, filled with cheese, bacon and onion. The only reason I didn’t scoff the whole lot was out of courtesy for everyone else there. I could easily have snaffled a load of these.

Here is the recipe

Doing things like this has kept us mentally well over the damp,cold winter. All of us are ready to break free and get back out into the great outdoors. Picnics and games aplenty wait for us.





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