Mum Doesn’t Work

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Mum doesn’t work,

Mum did the dishes today.

Mum does nothing all day,

Mum did the laundry today.


Mum prepared and cooked Dinner today,

Mum doesn’t work.

Mum ordered the groceries today,

Mum sat on her arse and did nothing today.


Mum checked out the bills and online banking,

Mum doesn’t work.

Mum took care of my Autistic sister today,

Mum doesn’t work.


Mum took my sister to the Dentist today,

Mum doesn’t work.

Mum got new tyres for the car today,

Mum doesn’t work.


Mum doesn’t have a job and doesn’t earn any money.

Mum isn’t of any value to me. Mum is not valued by society.


    • Thank you.
      I feel SAHM and even WAHMs are being treated as substandard. We don’t have an employer to pay us or we don’t have a title such as “Regional Manager” and so we are deemed lazy, worthless and society has pushed that onto the minds of the young.
      We don’t work but we do more than an 8 hour shift!

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