Being Mindful of Time Spent on Social Media

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You look at the clock and somehow it is 40 minutes later than you thought it was and you have done very little when it comes to personal productivity. You fell down the Rabbit hole that is social media.
Down The Rabbit Hole of Social Media

I am not a social mediaphobe or a technophobe. In fact, I actually write this from the perspective of someone who is very very guilty of visiting said Rabbit hole.

You have a Facebook account to catch up with family and friends. Even random acquaintances that you seem to gel with. Maybe you also have a Facebook account for work. You are the same on Twitter and Instagram.  All these people sharing information, expressing their views and life experience. Whilst a colourful and informative experience that is, it can sometimes take over us.

I am currently having a few days rest on Facebook and am restricting my time on Twitter.  Why? A number of reasons and here they are;-

1 I Need To Reset My Intentions

What exactly is that meant to mean? I hear you cry. It means I want to be more mindful of my actions. Mindless scrolling of social media is akin to staring in the fridge. The glare of the indoor light catches your attention, like a Moth and before you know it, you’ve been gorming out at the contents with no real desire or hunger. What happens when we mindlessly eat? We get overweight and unhealthy.

2 I Am Overweight, Under Exercised and Unhealthy

Very closely connected to number 1. I have noticed a very unhealthy correlation with my unchecked usage of social media and the lack of steps recorded on my Fitbit Blaze. It’s quite shocking to look at some weekly records on my Fitbit account.
In danger of villainising social media, I will admit it is completely and utterly my own fault. It is not always social media. I generally have to have a lot of time on my laptop. I Home Educate and so use social media to research resources, days out etc.
I organise most aspects of our lives on my laptop. I regularly joke with my husband, that if I could place my Fitbit on my brain, it would do Marathons. Alas, it does not and so I am sedentary more than is healthy. I need to take a break where I can, so I can make a mindful choice to find time being physically active.

3 I Want To Spend More Time With My Family

Sounds crazy right? I Home Educate and I want to spend even MORE time with my family! Well, only some of my children are Home Educated and my husband is also part of the family. He works typical hours and so, we don’t get so much time together, where neither he or I am busy with chores and grown-up duties. A spouse and children deserve to be placed above all others, but the Rabbit hole of social media can accidentally remove that available time from us. We are doing our loved ones a great disservice at times. I want to reset this bad habit and place my family above everything else. After all, they are what makes life matter to me. There will always be times I am busy but I want to be clever busy from now on, not stupid busy. Being busy for busy sake is another bad habit society has encouraged us to have.

4 Social Media Can Negatively Impact My Mental Health

I have never been very good at reading or listening to other people’s problems and difficulties. Most of my friends love that about myself, whilst I wouldn’t want to be unfeeling. I wish I could sometimes turn the valve down a little at times. It can be extremely overwhelming when I read about the trials of life others have to endure. Seriously, most people read these and have a portion of sympathy before moving on. I can sometimes remember them for weeks after and cannot remove them from my head. Having genuine concern for complete strangers on such enormous levels can be exhausting and painful. So time away gives my brain time to readjust and balance.


5 I Have Many Other Hobbies And Goals In Life

Sounds so simple when we write it down but when our lives are naturally busy and we waste precious time down the Rabbit hole of social media, we steal from ourselves also. I know I get so annoyed and frustrated with myself for not being able to accomplish my goals and hobbies. In reality, I only have myself to blame for bad time management and not acting with focus.

I have multiple books I wish to read. I have crochet projects I wish to accomplish and I also wish to push forward with my self-study. I have at least 3 online courses awaiting my time and attention, so why I feel I have time to aimlessly scroll down my Twitter feed is anyone’s guess. A reduction in social media usage will allow me this time.


Social media also has many great points when used purposefully. I have given and found much moral support and knowledge. I have made very good friends, that have lasted for almost a decade now. Longer than some real-life friendships.

Social media has enabled me to source some amazing Home Education resources and groups. It has helped me source income at times.

Social media is not the bad guy in this relationship. It is myself. I have become hooked into a pool of time-wasting habits and allowing life to happen to me, rather than goal shape and direct my own life. This is why I am making a concerted effort to alter these bad habits. Successful people do not allow life to simply just happen to them. They make their opportunities.

Have you found yourself leaning heavily on social media? Do you feel you need to reduce your access or are you already managing your time well? Please leave your opinion in comments. I am really interested to hear your experiences.






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