Dr Luke Beardon Autism and Aspergers Syndrome in Adults Book Review

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Why I Read This Book About Autism

As a mother of an Autistic child, it may confuse people as to why I purchased a book that specifically has the word “Adults” in the title. Well, this was for numerous reasons. Whilst not Autistic myself, I am Neurodiverse. At least, that is my stance at this moment. I do share my life with a number of Autistic children and Adults with Autism. So, for me, it was firstly so I may understand exactly what issues and challenges my daughter will meet in her life, either personally or because of society. Secondly, it was so I can better understand the world from the perspective of my friends.
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How I Found Out About This Book And Author

I actually follow Luke on Twitter. (I still hate saying that. It sounds like one needs an injunction order to keep a person at bay). I had no idea of his existence until Agony Autie posted that she was going to interview Luke about his book. I was intrigued. I had no knowledge regarding Luke or what his book would be like. Needless to say, the title is a bit of a spoiler if you were hoping for a surprise. I was not disappointed.

Luke, if I can be so cheeky as to call him so. Maybe I should be calling him Dr Luke or Dr Beardon. Somehow, even though I have a monumental amount of respect for this gentleman’s knowledge, compassion and intellect, “Dr Beardon” just sounds too formal for me. That surely pertains to what an outstanding gentleman this guy really is. Luke is a Senior Lecturer in Autism at Sheffield Hallam University and is revered in the area he works within. I have no interest in professionals other professionals are sycophantic about. I like this guy because the Autism community appreciate his work and that is a much stronger recommendation in my opinion.

Oh yes, the book. After many hours of reading online articles and recommendations, chats with employees of places such as Autism East Midlands etc, I decided it was time I delved into some of the more extended literature. Luke Beardon’s book is just one of the first in this area I will be exploring.

As the book only has 120 so pages, it was a little bit of an embarrassment of mine that it took me from March until the end of May to find enough time to actually read it. No, I do not have any SpLD. It was simply one of my own personal weaknesses of cutting out enough time in my own life to actually sit down and read this book. Why is that important to you as a reader? Because so many parents are in the same situation. Well, Luke makes it very easy to dip in and out of his book and still remember what he was expressing to you.

The book is broken into nice swift chapters. For those of you who have read plenty of material, yes, the beginning chapter may feel like you have read a lot of this before but after that, Luke’s book becomes a refreshing change. No longer are you reading a book full of deficits and medical mechanics but real life experiences and insights.  The second chapter being one of Myth-busting. Something long needed as so many misunderstandings occur when it comes to Autism. You would be forgiven for thinking that the misunderstandings are only in the wider society but alas, it can be in the very professions you would expect to understand. Typically Education and Medicine.

The chapters are;

1 Introduction- Luke explains his point of view and where he is basing the ethos of his book.

2 What Autism Isn’t and a bit of what it is.

3 Social Relationships

4 Echopraxic behaviour “Masking” and being a good actor.

5 Anxiety

6 Sensory Profile

7 Diagnosis, Identification and understanding of self.

8 Academic study

9 Employment

10 Close relationships and parenthood.

11 Contact with the criminal justice system

12 Celebrating Autism

If you have any interest in Autism at all, whether you think you may be Autistic or you know someone who is. Maybe you work with Autistics and wish to break down boundaries. You would do well to read Autism and Aspergers Syndrome in Adults. Although the title says Adults, it is just as useful to read about in regards to children. As you can see by the chapter titles, it is very thorough. I commend Luke on his work to get the voice of Autistics out there and how Autism actually affects their lives, not how academics think it does.

If you wish to support me and my blog, you can also check out Luke’s book on Amazon, through my link. Much appreciated.

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