About Morgana

Hello all. I write under the name Morgana.

I am a mother of 4 and reside in the UK. We are a Home Educating (Home Schooling) family but not in entirety as 1 of my 4 decided she wanted to go to school. We do what works for each individual child. We also take individual approaches to learning because I don’t want them to become despondent and each child has a unique set of needs. Be it from Sensory issues, ADHD to Dyslexia and Autism. Home Education gives them that chance to be individuals.

I respect teachers but I don’t respect the school system as it stands, so if that offends you, I┬árecommend you forget you ever read this blog. It’s not going to change anytime soon. If you actually “really care for our kids” as most profess. Then change what you can. Be more empathetic. Make the small changes that mean a big difference to children who are finding school hard.

I blog here because this is where I keep my identity. Writing is a passion and one that I can do from home. I do hope to expand on my writing as my blog continues to grow.

So thank you for reading and if you would like to keep in touch;-

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